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We haven't been given any information about dementia and don't know how to deal or cope with it, my mother in law has vascular dementia and have seen a lovely lady at times look so confused, we don't know if she knows who we are or what she remembers, heartbreaking. Please do contact our Helpline team if you would like information, support or advice about dementia.

The support and simple advice from Alzheimers society is invaluable. My first carers meeting was a source of strength and inspiration. One day at a time. The simple advice on communication is sometimes hard to put into practice but it really works. Reach out si mych warmth us waiting.

I can highly recommend Contented Dementia recommended to us by our Admiral Nurse when my mum was diagnosed. It explains how, why and what to say to someone with dementia. It helped me a lot. Take care.

Someone To Remember Me

That book was also a huge help to us as a family on how to deal with someone suffering dementia Initially borrowed from the library and then I bought it as a reference book. Hello my Mam had vascular dementia, it was 12 years since she was diagnosed and 7 years since she passed away. I wish I knew then what I know now through dementia friends. I found it hard not to get upset because my mam didn't, she was unaware of her dementia, I could tell In her eyes she was content and happy.

She didn't know my name but she lit up when I walked in. I will never really know what she was thinking but knowing I always left on a positive and with tonnes of hugs and kisses helped me and her. I can only go on my experience but try to be positive even when it's really tough at times, you can leave her smiling on the inside. Hi I live Burnley I was on depokote I'm 54 mental health and calico housing making sure I have a brain bug please can you help me. Have you already spoken with a GP? This would be a good first step if not, while you can also contact our helpline for advice.

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For each, it explains why this might pose difficulties for the person with dementia, and what to try instead. Have you tried leaving notes to remind the person with dementia? Carers are not stupid. We are resourceful people, and we have probably tried everything! People at the early stages of dementia may find notes helpful, but any notes we leave just get ignored or thrown away. As frustrating as I find these kinds of unhelpful suggestions, I haven't asked friends not to suggest things, because just occasionally someone comes up with a 'lateral thinking' solution that didn't occur to me!

It does mean I have to listen patiently as well-meaning but totally unworkable ideas are offered. Yes, I have actually heard this from otherwise kind, caring friends. However frustrating and cruel we find this disease, we do not wish that our relative was not with us. We all fear this disease happening to us or to someone we love, but this does not mean that the life of a person with dementia is not worth living. Also, even if you accept euthanasia as an ethical choice and many don't , at what point do you decide?

The first time you blank somebody's name? By the time someone's dementia has progressed to a serious enough level that this option would be considered, the person is unlikely to have capacity to make their wishes known.

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People do not choose to get dementia. It is not a sign of weakness of character. Well-meaning advice to 'just accept' whatever new problem has arisen as inevitable. As one GP put it, 'they just tend to fade away at this age'. There are some symptoms and problems that we really can't solve. We can't stop the progress of the disease, nor indeed the natural ageing process. But that doesn't mean we are not going to work to give our relative the best level of care achievable, and make their environment as safe as possible. Accepting that someone will inevitably die of natural causes is not the same as accepting neglect.

Whilst this may technically be a possibility, the reality is that the care system is broken in many parts of the country. Social services left one of our elderly relatives in a dire, dangerous situation, and we morally had no choice but to step in. Also, caring is exhausting and carers must find ways of looking after themselves, but that doesn't mean we want to give up.

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I found looking after my kids as babies and toddlers exhausting, but that didn't mean I wanted to put them in care! The time may come for someone to move to a care home, but this is an individual choice for every person with dementia, and their carers. Also, 'getting carers in' is often a good choice, but this in itself requires choosing, managing and co-ordinating the care. Non-carers don't know that most GPs do not pro-actively manage dementia cases, and that it takes a lot of organisation to liaise with GPs, District Nurses and Social Services, and private carers, none of which seem to talk to each other.

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  4. Miracle cures for dementia. Like other progressive and chronic illnesses, there are some exciting developments on the horizon, and there are some things which may work for some people to slow progression of the disease, or to temporarily alleviate symptoms. Music therapy is known to be good for some people with dementia, but for some people with hearing loss, this may be less effective. Exciting medical cures are likely to come too late for the person we are currently caring for.

    Alternative therapies may be helpful in managing symptoms, but they are not going to halt the disease. Kay's blog is very useful, particularly for those who are relatively new to this situation. Especially important in a residential setting providing you have properly researched the care home is not to question the care staff. They are trained and experienced.

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    Instead, take advice from them! Not so easy to research the care home. My uncle has been in, what was thought to be a very good care home, for the last four years. The staff have changed so many times that no-one seems to know them. The original staff were very welcoming and friendly but the new staff are completely different. In four years the manager has changed four times. Thank you for taking the time to tell us all this. This is one area that, to my mind, needs more attention. Who cares for the carer.

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    Sometimes we can make such silly remarks, and we are just trying to give support. My friend has promised me that if I say the 'wrong' thing I will be told, I promised I wouldn't take offence. Thank you so much, as carers we do our very best, no more no less. Many of us have our own health needs too.

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    I think the lack of coordination is a real problem and costly to. Reply to point I have said my husband would be better off dead, I am not sorry I said it, I am so devastated by this horrible discease happening to him. He got pneumonia in January and he is in a nursing home already.