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Hunting the Midnight Shark. Holding the Zero. I, Sniper Bob Lee Swagger. Dead Zero Bob Lee Swagger. Time to Hunt Bob Lee Swagger. Snipers should cover dismounted avenues of approach.

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See Triangulation Detection Technique. BACKSTOP: Any material through which your rifle's bullet will not pass, located behind your target's location so that bystanders, hostages, and other friendly forces will not be endangered by friendly sniper fire. Although he's not out of danger, he has a much higher probability of surviving enemy counter-sniper fire.

FM Chptr 4 Field Techniques

The higher the rating— expressed in decimal points—the higher the bullet efficiency at long range. For instance, the Federal grain 5. However, identical-weight bullets of the same size will have different ballistic coefficients if they are of different styles: a grain 7. BEANBAG: An old sock or small cloth bag filled with a dry material, such as sand, and placed below a rifle butt's heel so it can be squeezed to lower or elevate the rifle for precise aiming.

It should never be attached to the barrel.

Friendly Sniper

Boat-tail bullets have better long-range accuracy than other bullet designs. This greatly speeds subsequent live-fire zeroing. Also called a "collimator. A baseline trajectory used for computing other ballistic data. CANTING: Turning or dipping the barrel slightly right or left, usually as the result of a bad sight picture or improperly mounted scope. This results in bullet trajectory obliquely departing from point of aim as distance increases. Used in hostage rescue situations. See Immediate Incapacitation.

All military and big- game rifles use centerflre ammunition. Police and counterterrorist forces zero their weapons for the cold-barrel zero. Sec Zero. For example, to go from yards to yards you must come up 5. Comeups are calculated for a particular round, so the MOA increments are not the same for military 7.

An ideal route to a sniper's hide should have both cover and concealment. See Cover.

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  • 'American Sniper' Sound Team: Why Chris Kyle's Gun Didn't Have to Be the 'Biggest and Baddest';
  • The most natural and flexible countersniper system is a friendly sniper team operating in a countersniper mode. COVER: Natural or man-made features—such as buildings or thick trees—that offer protection against small arms but not always concealment from observation. An ideal route to a hide should have both cover and concealment. See Concealment. See Sign. For best marksmanship performance, a sniper should determine his dominant eye and use this eye for aiming. DRAG BAG: A heavily camouflaged rifle case dragged behind a low-crawling sniper in a Ghillie suit so he has both hands free for picking his way through brush.

    A foot-pound is the amount of energy required to lift 1 pound, 1 foot. This is practiced to ensure that the sniper has taken into account range and wind and prepared himself for a likely one-shot kill. It is measured by dividing the objective lens diameter in millimeters by the magnification. For example, 50mm divided by 10 power equals an exit pupil of 5. To match the size of human eye pupils in low light, an exit pupil should measure 5 to 7.

    See Relative Brightness and Twilight Factor. See Internal Ballistics and Terminal Ballistics. It's usually about 3 or 4 inches. FEINT: The deceptive technique of creating the impression that you are where you are not or that you intend to travel a route that you actually will not use. A superior could further limit this by designating within it a sector of fire. See Sector of Fire. Spotting scopes have a very narrow field of view, rifle scopes a wider field of view, and binoculars an even wider one. Ideally, the FFP also incorporates ballistic protection cover and suitable terrain over which to withdraw or displace after firing.

    See Hide. For both police and military snipers , this is the kind of activity a target most often will display. It allows for a greater external surface for cooling while also creating better rigidity. While devastating on soft targets, prefragmented ammo has almost zero penetration of even thin cover such as wooden doors and thus has limited usefulness for sniping. Also called "prefragmented ammunition. In a well-made Ghillie suit, a prone sniper is virtually invisible, even in thin cover.

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    This eliminates any "play" between action and stock. Quality sniper rifles incorporate glass bedding.