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This made the later Christian and Muslim worlds much more receptive to his work. His father had a dream in which the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, told him Galen must divert his efforts to medicine and healing. Nicon was not one to disobey the gods; Galen immediately dropped out of his logic and philosophy classes in favor of medicine.

For the rest of his life, Galen believed that Asclepius came to help him whenever he was badly in need of help.


Although he spent most of his time on medical work, Galen continued to think about philosophy. He believed the best physicians mixed philosophy with medicine. His father Nicon died and left Galen a large amount of money.

Galen, who was almost 20 years old, decided it was time to spread his wings. He traveled around the Mediterranean learning the latest techniques in medicine and healing. Galen disliked almost every aspect of life in Alexandria, except for what he could learn there. He returned to Pergamon aged 28 or He had been in danger of becoming an eternal student — if you are rich and enjoy learning as much as Galen did, you can always find more to learn.

Galen returned to Pergamon as an elite physician.

the rantings of a 33 year old father of two Manual

He had spent 12 years learning all of the different doctrines of ancient medicine from around the Mediterranean. He had seen ineffective techniques and effective techniques, and now applied his own skills to developing a range of effective methods.

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He chose to work in an area where you could not hide from your mistakes. According to Galen, his four years in this practice enabled him to learn even more about medicine. The relationship between diet and health is not only a recent issue: Galen identified the importance of a healthy diet for the well-being of the gladiators in his care. He learned the best ways of treating wounds and trauma, and also learned how important good hygiene practices are. He reduced the death rate among gladiators dramatically, winning the admiration of the High Priest. Roman Surgical Instruments.

Throughout his life Galen enjoyed nothing more than a good rant at anyone who practiced medicine in ways he disagreed with — the rants became a feature of his written work. Something happened to him during procedure. Linda, my father is 83 he had been taking oxycodone 4 times a day for about 6 months for his neck pain. Before that he had never taken anything stronger than a Goody powder.

He was given morophine after surgery then percocet, hydrocodone, and God knows what all.

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Its going on 2 weeks and he is in ICU on a respirator and feeding tube. His lungs are having to be cleared everyday from all the flem. But they have changed him to Fentyl now he is starting to come out of the medicine induced accoma and has a look in his eyes like he doesnt know any of his family. He doesnt even squeeze our hand when we ask him to while holding it. He wont even let my mom touch or pick at him like he used to love her doing.

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Im scared he isnt going to come out of this after taking the oxycodone for so long then the anthestia mixture. I am so pleased that i found this website today! I have been feeling very depressed and guilty, because I did not understand what was happening to my dad. Looking back, I realise that my dad already had sundowners, although it was not so bad yet, just bad dreams and hallucinations, with very little sleep. Being sleepless was and is normal for my dad, as he has always slept very little.

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I had better explain my dad a bit more, than maybe you will understand a bit better why I feel the way that I do. She was not even allowed to choose the colour floor tiles she wanted in her kitchen! My mom raised five children, worked basically like a slave all her married life in the house and had to do everything for my dad. He could be sitting in the kitchen, having supper, just in front of the fridge, and if he wanted something, he gave the order, and she had to stop eating, get up, and take it out of the fridge which was a foot behind him.

I am the eldest of five, and the only daughter, and I can remember how my poor brother was treated. My mother would try to intervene, and it just made it worse. He was never physically violent to wards to my mother, but was verbally abusive if he did not get his way. My three younger brothers managed to get away without too much mental damage, as he concentrated on his oldest boy.

As the years went by, I got married to a wonderful man, soft and gentle, the total opposite to my father.

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  4. He has also caused that I am very defensive, and will not keep my mouth shut if I feel that I am being verbally attacked, which fortunately for me, my husband understands. Anyway, to cut a long story short, just shortly after my parents moved in, they were both diagnosed with cancer, my mother with colon cancer and my dad with prostrate cancer.

    My mother had a portion of her colon removed, and started chemo, but had to stop as it was affecting her heart badly.

    Galen – Master of Medicine

    My dad had an orchidectomy. My parents were very young at this stage, just 70 and 71 respectively. My parents moved into their cottage on our property, and I would go in every day to check on them, take them shopping, library, etc. I worked from home, and according to my dad, I was available at all times for them, so he could not care whether I was in the middle of a job, if he wanted something, I had to get up immediately and do what he wanted, there and then! It caused quite a few arguments! My mother was finally starting to fight back, and refusing to bow down to my dad all the time, but it was too late.

    All it caused was that my dad was just horribly confused by her reaction. My dad was quite together, with only mild sundown syndrome symptoms at night. It all changed in October last year, when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer — colon, liver, lungs, spine and lymph system. The night after we told my dad what was happening, he started with very bad sundown syndrome — which in a way I understand, for it was a huge shock for him. But at the same time, in stead of being there for my mom, placing her first and supporting her as much as he could, he just gave up and became totally dependant on her.

    He also became both verbally and physically abusive towards her, and I had to seperate them. I was eventually totally exhausted, as I was nursing my mom day and night, and also having to try and keep my dad calm and contained. That stopped the day I caught him hitting her, because she would not get up and help him dress!

    Sundowner’s Syndrome

    My mother was the entire spill of our family life, and she was more than my mother — she was my best friend, my sister, my everything! I adored her! I love my dad, but not in the same way as I loved my mom. There was no way on this earth that I was going to allow my dad to mistreat my mother even more. It was becoming extremely stressfull at home! My mom eventually passed away on 28 February this year, and my dad has just completely regressed, showing all the symptoms that are discussed on the blogs here. We kept our day carer, and she has been an absolute treasure, helping to keep me sane!

    She works during the week, and we have just this weekend hired another nurse to take care of my dad on Saturdays and Sundays, while I take over at nights. My dad is on various types of medications, including 3 different tranquilizers and 2 sleeping tablets at night. He complains of terrible pain in his left shoulder, but xrays do not show anything wrong. He is constantly trying to get up, still does not sleep, in spite of all the medication, will insist of trying to walk, even without a walker, undresses himself at night, is verbally abusive, and last night, for the first time in a few months, tried to hit me!

    I have had enough!

    I am struggling to get him into a home, because they are not all equipped to take care of him, and there are huge waiting lists here in South Africa. Also my dad never wanted to listen to anyone about making provision for his old age, so all he has is the proceeds from the sale of his house and a tiny little government pension. He has given my brothers a huge part of the money he got for his house, and now so little is left that my husband and I are going to pay a lot towards frail care once I am able to get him into a home. I am stressed, exhausted, cannot forgive my dad!

    I also feel devastated that I feel this way, which just makes things worse. Michelle, I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear mom. She sounded like an angel leashed to a demon, sadly. First of all, you are NOT wrong for having had enough and being mad at your dad. Please know this. There are limits to what we can do for our loved ones when they get to a certain stage which in my opinion your dad is way past, and is lucky he got to stay with you as long as he did! My dad also did the naked angry violent up at night blablabla stuff.