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Do your research and do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do because you are a woman. While traveling, communicating with Timon was sometimes hard. While hiking the Annapurna Circuit , reception and wifi were abysmal; I think we spoke twice in 17 days. However, most of the time I checked in every few days. When I came back, our relationship was stronger than ever. I realized that we needed a change, and we decided to quit our jobs and use our savings to travel full time. It has been an incredible journey, and I am so lucky to have a partner to share it with. The big, bad world intimidated me fully and although solo travel was in my heart, I was too young and to unaware of my potential and power to reach it.

Little did I know how much traveling would later become such a part of who i am. Then I met Josh, who is a solo backpacker 10 years in the making. He would do really long stints, enabling himself to see more places. I was amazed and inspired by him, and so as his life as a solo backpacker evolved to partnership, my solo backpacking dream manifested.

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The cage has opened. And I know that no matter how warm, or sometimes cold the road can be to me that there is always a face on the other side of the world ready to hear my story. And because of his extensive travel he usually has a similar story to share. Encouraging me to remember it is all part of life on the road. My advice to all women contemplating solo travel while in a relationship is to go for it!!!

I do believe communication is key and being on the same page is everything. This will allow for genuine respect and support to take its place. It could be tricky if BOTH of your hearts are not fully committed to the idea and plan. This is your time to shine and your heart and mind deserves to be free! We hope this post helped to show that traveling solo while in a relationship can be an incredibly healthy practice, for both parties. It gives you both time and space so that when you come back to the relationship, it can be even stronger, enriched with new experiences.

It can help to build trust and appreciation, not to mention empowerment. This is a great topic to bring up and discuss and really says great things about your new Facebook discussion group.

Congratulations on your success with it, members and rising! Hope once in a while you can share with the broad audience more cool topics from the discussion group. I want to wish all 10 women the best with their relationships and their pursuit of solo travel. Thanks for sharing your experiences so honestly and open. Never really have seen such a discussion of the dynamics of relationships and solo traveling in one place like this!

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I did notice one interesting thing from this post, about how these relationships can be grouped into two situations: One where the relationship starts where you are into solo-traveling and the significant other sees how it is part of who you are part of the package and another where you are in a relationship and your life has changed and solo-traveling is now part of it. I think like anything else, you can make it work if both sides really care about each other and their happiness. I think in the latter case of a life change, if the relationship can handle that well and even become stronger, you have something really special and are very blessed to have such a person!

In my view, I would want my significant other to be happy in this life and if solo traveling is the thing that brings joy, I would support her all the way, it is a healthy lifestyle and love people who enjoy adventure. I would hope though that once in a while we could enjoy an adventure together, even if for only a few days a year! Happy travels! It obviously takes a lot of courage and trust on both sides in that situation. This makes me want to be more open to finding a guy, just needs to be one who is on board with the idea! I think this is great, but I would like to hear the other side of the story.

What about the people that stay?

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Traveling as a hobby is just that, a hobby. Think about telling an athlete they have to quit their sport for you. Even if they go alone, though tbh it would suck if you both have the travel bug or you both are able to and want to do it at the same time and your SO still insists on going alone.

If any jealousy is felt hopefully it is at least the kind of jealousy you might get by looking at people who love to flaunt how great they are at traveling on instagram which may inspire you to get a bit of the travel bug yourself. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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