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Born in Rowena, Texas, on October 1, , Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was the second of three children born to her bricklayer father Charles, who died when she was just four.

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After his death, her destitute mother, Emma, moved the family to the slums of West Dallas, known then as 'the Devil's back porch'. At school, she excelled at creative writing, particularly poetry, and rapidly became a warm-up speaker at rallies for local politicians. She dreamed of becoming a star on Broadway, but nothing materialised, and just before her 16th birthday she married a neighbourhood thug called Roy Thornton. The couple separated in , but they never divorced, and Bonnie was still wearing Thornton's wedding ring when she died alongside her partner-in-crime five years later.

Born just south of Dallas, on March 24, , Clyde Chestnut Barrow, was the fifth of seven children.

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His was a poor, farming family, who were forced off their land by the drought. A car fanatic, he was first arrested in when police confronted him over a rental car he'd failed to return. His second arrest came with his elder brother Ivan 'Buck' Barrow, when the two were caught stealing turkeys. Buck would eventually become a member of the bank-robbing Barrow Gang, formed by his younger brother. His wife, Blanche, would also join the gang.

On January 5, , one of Clyde Barrow's friends invited him to a party, where he met Bonnie for the first time. With his dark wavy hair and dancing brown eyes, she was instantly attracted to him. She told friends he had nice clothes 'and fancy cars', even if she knew they might be stolen. Bonnie's mother said later: 'As crazy as she'd been about Roy, she never worshipped him as she did Clyde.

Less than two months after their meeting, Clyde was arrested and spent the next two years in jail, some of it at Eastham Prison Farm.

Prison life did not treat the diminutive Barrow kindly: he was repeatedly beaten up and sodomised by fellow inmate Ed Crowder. Clyde holds up Bonnie in front of a car in a picture thought to have been taken in In late October , Clyde responded by beating Crowder to death with an iron pipe - his first killing.


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But a fellow prisoner, already serving life for murder, confessed to the crime as a favour and Clyde was never even charged. At the end of January the following year, Barrow took an axe to his toes in an effort to escape the brutal regime at Eastham. Ironically, he was paroled just five days later.

Reunited with Bonnie, Clyde resolved never to return to jail and, to take revenge on the Texas prison system, vowed to organise a jail-break from Eastham.

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In the next two years, Bonnie and Clyde's haphazard exploits became ever more dramatic, as small-scale robberies led to desperate attempts on banks, and the Barrow Gang roamed across five rural states. Their attempts to make big money were at times laughable, though.

Despite this, 'America thrilled to their Robin Hood adventures', in the words of one columnist. The gang usually kidnapped, rather than killed, any lawmen they encountered, releasing them with the money to get home - which only helped to fuel their celebrity. But there was nothing heroic about their gang's escape when they were surrounded by police at a motel near Kansas City in July They blasted their way out using Clyde's favoured Browning Automatic Rifles, but Clyde's elder brother Buck was shot and injured, while Buck's wife, Blanche, was all but blinded by flying glass.

Six days later, they were surrounded again at an abandoned amusement park near Dexter, Iowa. Bonnie and Clyde escaped, but Buck was shot in the back and Blanche was again hit by flying glass.

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Buck died five days later. Increasingly desperate, Clyde sought reinforcements by organising a break- out from Eastham Prison Farm in January , releasing at least four prisoners, three of whom joined his gang. But during the jailbreak, a guard was killed, which brought the full weight of Texas law enforcement down on the Barrow Gang. Before he could do so, however, Clyde and one of the prisoners he'd released, Henry Methven, killed two highway patrolmen in Southlake, Texas, on April 1, A mugshot of Clyde Barrow.

In the right picture of him looking down the lens, he has a tag wrapped around his neck reading: 'Texas EX '. The parents of gangster Clyde Barrow, sitting in their home. Clyde's father can be seen with his hat on his lap, resting his head on the back of his hand, while his mother looks gaunt as she sits on the couch.

Those killings soured the public's attitude to Bonnie and Clyde, and indirectly led to their deaths - though Methven later confessed he alone committed the killings. It was Methven's father who tempted Bonnie and Clyde to that lonely road outside Gibsland just a few weeks later, in exchange for a promise of leniency for his son. And so, on that warm, muggy May morning 75 years ago, Bonnie and Clyde drove into gangster history.

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American outlaws: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Fueled by their passion for each other and Bonnie's obsession with fame, Both pleaded guilty earlier this year to producing child pornography and enticing a young child to engage in sexual activity for the purpose of creating obscene images. Additionally, Hooks pleaded guilty transportation of a minor for sexual purposes. They will now occupy bed space that has been reserved for them in a federal prison. Hooks and Morris were indicted on the charges in Authorities said police in California found Hooks and Morris living in a desert area on the southern tip of the state after locating a red Mitsubishi Montero with an Alabama license plate there, according to a May 4 federal criminal complaint and arrest affidavit issued for Hooks in the Northern District of Alabama.

The red Mitsubishi was registered to Morris and police were searching for it because security cameras at a Walmart in Brawley, Calif.

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According to court documents, as a result of further investigation, child pornographic images were discovered on a laptop that had been subjected to forensic examination by law enforcement officers in Imperial County, California. On or about April 27, , agents from the Department of Homeland Security in Birmingham received these images which depicted sexual exploitation of 2 prepubescent children and a teenage female under the age of 18 by Hooks in Alabama.

During the investigation, agents learned that Hooks had transported the teenage female victim from Mississippi to Alabama with the intent of sexually assaulting her and recording it on video. Hooks had previously been arrested in in New Mexico.