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Minimal but driven by attention to detail and light and cleanliness. Value unfussy, useful objects and value craftmenship. The libra home has a refined sense of serenity, order and elegance that works harmoniously with their love of interior design, fashion and beauty. Scorpios are known for being passionate and discerning as are their homes.

They enjoy variety and interesting elements like lavish cushions, striking vases, and antiques. A scorpio appreciates aromas so incense and candles are enjoyed. No limits. Their relaxed home is free, with plenty to keep it interesting like books, sacred ornaments, blankets and throws for warmth and plenty of vintage and terracotta. Established Shop By Astrology. Capricorn December January 19 Make it good and make it last.

Brass Candleholder by Anna Karlin Studios. Charcoal Water Purifying Sticks by Morihata. Decanter by Anna Karlin Studios. Giusti Urn by F. Glass Pineapple Pitcher by Mosser Glass. Hourglass by HAY.

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Astrology for the Ageless: Part I Planetary Understandings - Part II Legends & Fantasies

Metallic Paper Laundry Bag by Essential. Oculus Mirror by Steven Bukowski. Regenbogen Bowls by Fundamental Berlin. Regenbogen Hooks by Fundamental Berlin. Side Table by Coming Soon Vintage. Throw Blanket by Bogus Studio. Wave Pitcher by Sophie Lou Jacobsen. Aries March April 20 Thorn-bearing plants come under the rulership of Aries, so any spiky plant is loved.

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Your Daily Astrology

Taurus April May 20 A taurus is a gourmet at heart so they love their kitchens or want to. Amazonia Vessel by Gaetano Pesce. Bonbon Lamp by Ana Kras. Chopping Block by Fredericks and Mae.

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Flat Weave Rugs by Cold Picnic. Glass Mug by HAY. Jadeite Mug by Mosser Glass. Gemini May 21 - June 20 The gemini likes some versatility in their home. Charcoal Eye Mask by Morihata. Corn Stool by Third Drawer Down. Magic Carpet by F. Platter by Canvas. Playing Cards by Luxe Dominoes. Twin Vessel by Gaetano Pesce.

Astrology for the Ageless : Part I Planetary Understandings - Part II Legends & Fantasies

Cancer June July 22 The sign most associated with home and domesticity. Ambrosia Lazy Susan by Concrete Cat. Beauty Sleep Pillowcases by Upstate. Look for new apps to handle financial obligations.

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There may be an opportunity to make beneficial changes in your business plan. Your original methods can turn a regular deal into a win-win situation for everyone. A partner could adopt a casual or overly optimistic attitude toward money-making activities that you can rein in. You are never too old to wish upon a shooting star or to sit and listen to the birds sing their songs. Focus on serenity and ageless beauty. LEO July Aug. A platonic relationship can be satisfying, too. You might sense a connection with someone or intuitively understand the lay of the land when you are faced with a new set of circumstances.

You may pressure yourself to make dreams come true. The most valuable gems are formed when put under extraordinary pressure. Discuss major purchase decisions with your partner. Put major purchases on the back burner until next week, when conditions for monetary decisions will be better.