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The case will affect voting procedures in the general election that is headlined by a race between Democratic U.

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Emphasis mine. I would be shocked if any judge anywhere would consider that to have been participation in a theft. But I've been shocked a lot over the last few years. I'm recalling this SCOTUS decision which Mother Jones described as the Supreme Court ruled that even protected speech can be a criminal act if it occurs at the direction of a terrorist organization.

Maybe someone can answer—if the Trump campaign couldn't be demonstrated to have participated in the theft would it matter in reverse, if Russian intelligence could be shown to have directed the Trump campaign to use the products of their espionage operations? Like, as part of an in-kind campaign finance transaction, or timing and coordination, or something?

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Arizona voter registration is done for this cycle. Fourth Avenue, the university, farmers markets, etc. I would have a lot more confidence in that page if it didn't have a huge chunk of Lorem ipsum text right at the top FYI, a group called Suit Up Maine, which grew out of Pantsuit Nation and the Indivisible folks, has published a Maine election guide and it is astonishingly comprehensive.

Know-it-some at AM on October 10, [ 44 favorites ].

They don't mail them, but Butler County has preview ballots for every election. It looks like Allegheny County has them too. Here's Westmoreland County's.

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I'll stop there. Just search [county name] preview ballots.

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I wish they did a better or, you know, any job advertising them. Eric Tucker, AP: Sen. Mitch McConnell is warning Democrats to think carefully about "presidential harassment" if they win majority of the House. The Kentucky Republican told AP that threats to investigate Trump's finances and businesses would "help the president get re-elected" in Well, damn. Thanks for the warning, Mitch.

In any normal year, I'd point out that the Missouri Secretary of State is clearly a poorly-considered pseudonym, and he's really just the former Attorney General wearing a rubber mask like a villain from Scooby Doo while advancing the national GOP's interest in voter suppression, but this is no ordinary year. Following the proud historical tradition established when Eisenhower told Hitler that reinforcing Pas de Calais was a bad idea.

1984 By George Orwell (2/3) Audiobook

My local Next Door is currently a dumpster fire over it and I need to stop reading it for my own sanity. It's a horrific bingo card of anti-tax government-bad fuck-you-got-mine nonsense. They don't have to bring him to testify in front of Congress, Mitchy my boy. They could just go full RICO on him, and get the assets of his businesses and all their subcontractors frozen while the FBI takes a nice long stroll through their financial filings.

I'm sure he'd react calmly and coolly, and not say anything incriminating on live television when he found out the news from Fox and Friends. I'm a bit mesmerized by people who willingly subject themselves to Trump's abuses. Sessions is a fascist, but for some reason, maybe because he seems like such a fucking failure of a person, he fascinates me.

Like, why does he continue to affiliate himself with such an enterprise when the president routinely treats him, publicly, like shit? I mean I'm having a pretty good day and I'm sitting here covered in cat hair, working on a novel I don't have a contract for, and I really need a haircut. And I'm happy.

So why are people subjecting themselves to this? I mean I want them to be miserable so I'm not objecting to their feeling that way, only very interested in it. Shit, is this what sadism is.

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Relatedly, this twitter thread by David Neiwart on the right's normalization of the rhetoric of civil war is worth reading. Well, it can't make you feel any worse. Also, RBG has temporarily blocked lower court orders for depositions by two senior Trump administration officials in the multiple lawsuits over the new question about U. At the state level, MA's Yes On Three , is the campaign to keep MA's public accomodation law which added gender identity to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in places of public accommodation, resort, or amusement from being repealed.

Because getting abused by the president is still some level of getting power, I guess? Even though joining this evil empire is literally the worst at trying to actually get any power.

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Sessions went from screaming in the Senate about non-white people entering and living in this country to having significantly more influence over the handling of non-white people entering and living in this country. Putting up with an orange Muppet is a small price to pay for racial purity. Harald74 : " Not being a US citizen, I'm still a bit confused about the whole voter registration scheme. I always feel like the Orwell quotes, while I appreciate them, are premature.

I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility

Like, you can't quote Orwell while things are still getting worse. It's something you should do in retrospect. When there's food on the table again. When there's finally enough soil to cover the graves. If we gotta quote Orwell can we quote Homage to Catalonia instead of his fiction? At the state level, MA's Yes On Three, is the campaign to keep MA's public accomodation law which added gender identity to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in places of public accommodation, resort, or amusement from being repealed.

And it was sponsored by right wingers who desperately want the law repealed, but for some reason got a "Yes" vote to mean keeping the law conjecture: The state constitution lets the attorney general block ballot questions that deprive people of their rights, so they phrased it as a pro-rights question. So vote Yes on 3.

Or you drag their ass out by the woodshed and kick their ass, Ted. Speaking of voting guides, does anyone know a good one for California, especially for the propositions? A few are obvious, but others I'm not as sure about. As feds focused on detaining kids, border drug prosecutions plummeted It was never about drugs, never about crime. It was always about cruelty. Child concentration camps are the product, not the by-product. Harald74 : " Here's the outline of how it goes down here in Norway: Some time before an election, if you are eligible to vote citizen, over 18 , you get a card in the post.

Norway probably has several measures in place to automatically register people as they move around BC, Canada does; practically no one who doesn't actively avoid being registered remains unregistered though if you recently moved you can sometimes be registered at your old address. The US mostly doesn't because the white male land owners don't actually want anyone else to vote.

I'm reminded of a movie I saw once. I don't remember the name. At a key moment in the film, an old man is in a fight to the death against an enemy he had humiliatingly defeated years earlier. But this time, the tables are turned, and his enemy is far stronger, fueled by years of seething, indignant rage. The old man knows he's doomed. But he mocks his enemy, boasting that his enemy cannot possibly win and that, even if the old man is killed, he will, in some unspecified way, become even more powerful.

And then the old man's nemesis responds to this bullshit mockery by unceremoniously killing him. And it turns out that the old man's bullshit was just that - bullshit. More powerful as a result of the defeat? Four sequels and the only hint of "more powerful" we get is that his ghost returns to give a half-assed apology for having been a liar. I wish I could remember the name of that movie. Oh well.

Check out the California League of Women Voters ballot guide there are links to other good voting guides on the right side of the page. Questions like this remind me of one of the most thought-provoking articles of the last 3 years: " If Sean Penn Were the Democratic Nominee: Imagining a world where the wackadoo candidate is in the other party. You agree with many of his beliefs, but you understand that he's absolutely unsuited for the position and is damaging both your party and the country.